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RENU 2021 Workshops and DEAs

The schedule for the RENU 2021 capacity building programme is ongoing with the Introduction to Network Operations taking place from 9th to 26th March 2021.

Please follow the updates on our pages in case of any amendments.

Capacity Building 2021

Latest News

RENU Now Hosting a Google Global Cache in its Data Center!

On Friday 5th March 2021, RENU integrated one of the Google Global Caches [GGC] in its data center.

The GGC serves certain Google content such as YouTube and the Google PlayStore with greatly improved service performance.

Previously, this Google content was usually picked from the Uganda Internet eXchange Point [UIXP] or other different international destinations such as London or Cape Town.

The presence of the GGC will improve user experience on many web-based applications as content would be accessed faster.

RENU is among the few networks in Uganda that Google has chosen to host caches.

RENU Deploys FIRST LoRaWAN Gateway

As we continue to roll out services to support our researchers and students, on 26th February 2021, RENU deployed its first LoRaWAN gateway, becoming the FIRST NREN in Sub-Saharan Africa outside South Africa to roll out an IoT network.

Follow the link for more details.

RENUs Zero-rated Mobile Access is Here!

Students and staff of RENU member institutions can now access their institutions’ websites and e-learning portals WITHOUT loading a data bundle on MTN and Airtel.

To enjoy the service, please contact your institution's IT team.

Work and study from wherever you are!

Eng. Dr. Dorothy Okello is RENUs New Board Chairperson!

Eng. Dr. Okello (MuK) was recently appointed Chairperson of the RENU Board of Directors. Dr. John Kitayimbwa (DVC, UCU) is her deputy.

Follow the link for their messages to the members.

Employee of the Year 2020

Derrick Ssemanda

About Derrick Ssemanda

Derrick was recently overwhelmingly voted by fellow staff as RENU’s Employee of the Year (EoY) 2020!

Derrick Ssemanda, is a Systems and Software Engineer at RENU, having joined the team in September 2018.

His colleagues at RENU know him as being very committed to his work, and recognize him for having been very innovative in coming up with very useful solutions especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and exhibiting the spirit of mentorship towards both junior and other staff.

RENU appreciates Derrick for his hard work, sacrifices which have contributed enormously to giving our best to member institutions in the year.

Congratulations Derrick!