RENU membership is open only to research and education institutions that are endorsed and accredited by the respective regulatory bodies, i.e. the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES), and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Research Institutions
Education Institutions
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Onboarding Process


Express Interest

To be a member of RENU, an institution expresses interest in a particular service, supported by documents from respective authorities i.e Ministry of Education and Sports,  National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), or Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST).


Eligibility Verification

RENU verifies the provided information and if the institution is found to be eligible, the institution signs a membership form. RENU membership is free to all eligible institutions.


Service Documents

For the services the institution is interested in, the institution signs service order forms and agreements provided by RENU.

Membership Categories

Corporate Membership

Colleagues team working on company paperwork, doig teamwork to analyze documents and online research information. Planning corporate presentation with data charts, job collaboration.
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Associate Membership

Affiliate Membership

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Current Member Institutions




Research Institutions




Other Tertiary Institutions




Support Institutions

African Rural UniversityUniversities
Aga Khan UniversityUniversities
Bishop Stuart University (BSU)Universities
Bugema UniversityUniversities
Busitema UniversityUniversities
Cavendish University Uganda (CUU)Universities
Clarke International UniversityUniversities
Equator University of Science and Technology (EQUSaT)Universities
Fins Medical UniversityUniversities
Great Lakes Regional UniversityUniversities
Gulu UniversityUniversities
Islamic Call University CollegeUniversities
Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU)Universities
Kabale UniversityUniversities
Kampala International University (KIU)Universities
Kampala UniversityUniversities
Kyambogo UniversityUniversities
Lira UniversityUniversities
Livingstone International UniversityUniversities
Makerere UniversityUniversities
Makerere University Business School (MUBS)Universities
Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST)Universities
Metropolitan International University (MIU)Universities
Mountains of the Moon University (MMU)Universities
Muni UniversityUniversities
Muteesa 1 Royal University (MRU)Universities
Ndejje UniversityUniversities
Nkumba UniversityUniversities
Open Gates International UniversityUniversities
Soroti UniversityUniversities
St. Ignatius UniversityUniversities
Teams UniversityUniversities
Uganda Christian University (UCU)Universities
Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)Universities
Uganda Pentecostal UniversityUniversities
Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU)Universities
University of Kisubi (UniK)Universities
University of St. JosephUniversities
World University Service of Canada (WUSC)Universities
AfriChildResearch Institutions
ARU Centre for Excellence in Research and Information Management Co. Ltd (ACERIM)Research Institutions
Association of Anesthesiologist of UgandaResearch Institutions
Baylor UgandaResearch Institutions
Brac UgandaResearch Institutions
Community Health of Social Networks (COHSONET)Research Institutions
ElsMed Healthcare SolutionsResearch Institutions
Health and Information Systems ProgramResearch Institutions
Hutchinson Center Research Institute of Uganda (HCRI)Research Institutions
ICHADResearch Institutions
Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI)Research Institutions
Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration (IDRC)Research Institutions
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)Research Institutions
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)Research Institutions
Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC)Research Institutions
Kampala Institute of Health ProfessionalsTertiary Institutions
Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC)Research Institutions
Kyetume School of Nursing and MidwiferyTertiary Institutions
Makerere Joint AIDS ProgramResearch Institutions
Makerere University-Johns Hopkins University (MUJHU)Research Institutions
Mbale Clinical Research InstituteResearch Institutions
Medical Research Council (MRC)Research Institutions
Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS)Research Institutions
Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Support (METS)Research Institutions
Most at Risk Population Initiative (MARPI)Research Institutions
National Crops Resources Research InstituteResearch Institutions
National Institute of Health (NIH)Research Institutions
National Livestock Resources Research Institute (NaLiRRI)Research Institutions
National Semi Arid Resources Research Institute (NASARRI)Research Institutions
Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM)Research Institutions
Resilient Africa Network (RANLAB)Research Institutions
Right to PlayResearch Institutions
Technology Innovation and Business Incubation Centre (TIBIC)Research Institutions
The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO)Research Institutions
The Center for Rapid Evidence Synthesis (ACRES)Research Institutions
The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG)Research Institutions
Topowa Research and Education CenterResearch Institutions
Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI)Research Institutions
Uganda CWRU Research CollaborationResearch Institutions
Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau (UPMB)Research Institutions
Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)Research Institutions
Acacia International School (AIS)Schools
Airforce S.S. EntebbeSchools
Akworo Secondary SchoolSchools
Archbishop Bakyenga Vocational Secondary SchoolSchools
Arua Public Secondary SchoolSchools
Arua Secondary SchoolSchools
Bihanga Secondary SchoolSchools
Bishop Cipriano KihangireSchools
Bishop Robert Voc Secondary SchoolSchools
Bishop's Girls SS RushereSchools
Bishop's Senior School MukonoSchools
Bombo Army Secondary SchoolSchools
Bukooli College SchoolSchools
Bulindi Intergrated Secondary SchoolSchools
Busega Community School of the Deaf and BlindSchools
Busia Secondary SchoolSchools
Busoga College MwiriSchools
Candle Light High SchoolSchools
Cardinal Wamala Secondary SchoolSchools
Dakabela Comprehensive S.S.Schools
Duhaga High SchoolSchools
Dzaipi Secondary SchoolSchools
Ebenezer Primary SchoolSchools
Ediofe Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Empower International SchoolSchools
Entebbe Child and Youth Development CentreSchools
Entebbe Secondary SchoolSchools
Everest Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Gayaza High SchoolSchools
Gulu Army Secondary SchoolSchools
Gulu High SchoolSchools
Gulu School of Clinical MedicineSchools
Heritage International SchoolSchools
Iganga Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Ishaka Aventist CollegeSchools
Ishongororo Secondary SchoolSchools
Jinja Senior Secondary SchoolSchools
Kabale Secondary SchoolSchools
Kabulubulu Secondary SchoolSchools
Kaggulwe Secondary SchoolSchools
Kako Secondary SchoolSchools
Kamuli Girls CollegeSchools
Kansanga Seed Secondary SchoolSchools
Kapeeka Secondary SchoolSchools
Kasana Vocational SchoolSchools
Kasanda Secondary SchoolSchools
Kasawo Secondary SchoolSchools
Kasese Secondary SchoolSchools
Katoma Secondary SchoolSchools
Kazo Primary SchoolSchools
Kibibi S.S.Schools
Kibuli SSSSchools
Kidoko Secondary SchoolSchools
Kiganda High SchoolSchools
Kikomeko Memorial Secondary SchoolSchools
King Solomon Secondary SchoolSchools
Kings College BudoSchools
Kisowera Secondary SchoolSchools
Kisubi High SchoolSchools
Kitabi SeminarySchools
Kitante Hill SchoolSchools
Kojja Secondary SchoolSchools
Kongunga High SchoolSchools
Koome Seed S.S.Schools
Kutamba Primary SchoolSchools
Kyambogo College SchoolSchools
Kyarusozi Secondary SchoolSchools
Kyeizooba Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Kyotera central SchoolSchools
Light of Life International Christian SchoolSchools
Lincon High SchoolSchools
Lira Town CollegeSchools
Lubiri High BulobaSchools
Luweero Secondary SchoolSchools
Luzira Secondary SchoolSchools
Makerere College SchoolSchools
Manjasi High SchoolSchools
Maryhill High SchoolSchools
Masaka Secondary SchoolSchools
Masindi Secondary SchoolSchools
Mbale High SchoolSchools
Mbale Secondary SchoolSchools
Mbarara High SchoolSchools
Mbazzi Riverside High SchoolSchools
Mengo Senior SchoolSchools
Mityana Secondary SchoolSchools
Moyo Star High SchoolSchools
Mpanga Secondary SchoolSchools
Mpoma School MukonoSchools
Mpungwe Secondary SchoolSchools
MST Junior AcademySchools
Mukono High SchoolSchools
Muni GirlsSchools
Mvara Secondary SchoolSchools
Mwengura Secondary SchoolSchools
Myanzi Secondary SchooolSchools
Naalya Secondary School, LugaziSchools
Nabingola Public Secondary SchoolSchools
Nabisunsa Girls SchoolSchools
Nakanyonyi Secondary SchoolSchools
Nakaseke Core PTCSchools
Nakasongola Army S.S.Schools
Nalinya Irene Secondary SchoolSchools
Nalinya Lwantale Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Namagabi Secondary SchoolSchools
Namakwa Secondary SchoolSchools
Namasagali College, KamuliSchools
Namma Secondary SchoolSchools
Namwezi S.S. MukonoSchools
Ndagwe Secondary SchoolSchools
Ndeeba Secondary SchoolSchools
Ndejje Senior Secondary SchoolSchools
Ngora Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Ntungamo Girls High SchoolSchools
Nyahuka Secondary SchoolSchools
Nyaka Primary SchoolSchools
Nyakabanga Secondary SchoolSchools
Ogenda Girls S.SSchools
Ogoko Seed Secondary SchoolSchools
Okapel High SchoolSchools
Otuke Secondary SchoolSchools
Our Lady of Africa Secondary School, NamilyangoSchools
Our Lady of Good Counsel S.S.S, GayazaSchools
Plus Two High SchoolSchools
PMM Girls SchoolSchools
Praise Integrated High SchoolSchools
Rapha Primary SchoolSchools
Rugando CollegeSchools
Ruhinda Secondary School. MitomaSchools
Ruyonza SchoolSchools
Rwemikoma Seed Secondary SchoolSchools
Rwoho Secondary SchoolSchools
Seeta CollegeSchools
Seeta High SchoolSchools
Seeta Junior SchoolSchools
Sekanyonyi Secondary SchoolSchools
Sir Apollo Kaggwa Secondary School, MukonoSchools
St Adrian Kasozi S.S.Schools
St. Andrew Kaggwa Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Andrew Secondary School LotomeSchools
St. Anne Vocational S.S. MasakaSchools
St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School, BukerereSchools
St. Denis Ssebugawo GgabaSchools
St. Henry’s College KitovuSchools
St. Joseph Girls’ S.S., NsambyaSchools
St. Joseph’s College LayibiSchools
St. Joseph's Secondary School, NagalamaSchools
St. Joseph’s Vocational School, MbararaSchools
St. Josephs S.S. Konge, MpigiSchools
St. Kalooli LwangaSchools
St. Kizito Katikamu KisuleSchools
St. Kizito Secondary School, BandaSchools
St. Leos Kyegobe Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Lwanga Kalooli Mulajje Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Margaret Muhorro Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Marks College, NamagomaSchools
St. Mary's Nkozi Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Marys College KisubiSchools
St. Marys College RushorozaSchools
St. Mathias Kalemba SSSchools
St. Micheal High School SondeSchools
St. Mugagga Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Paul Ochero Secondary SchoolSchools
St. Paul SS BiharweSchools
St. Peter and Paul Seminary, AruaSchools
St. Peter's Warr Girls S.S.Schools
St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeSchools
Star Swahili Learning CenterSchools
Target Community CollegeSchools
The Hungry Caterpillar SchoolSchools
Tororo Girls Secondary SchoolSchools
Trinity College NabbingoSchools
Uganda Martyrs High School, LubagaSchools
Uganda Martyrs Secondary School, KangulumiraSchools
Uganda Martyrs Seminary, NamugongoOther Tertiary Institutions
Uganda Martyrs’ Vocational Secondary SchoolSchools
Universal College MubendeSchools
Wakiso Secondary School for the DeafSchools
Wampeewo Ntakke Secondary SchoolSchools
Wanyange Girls SchoolSchools
WellStar Bright Secondary SchoolSchools
Archbishop Janan Luwum Vocational Training InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Arua Technical InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Bobi Agribusiness InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI)Other Tertiary Institutions
Institute of SurveyOther Tertiary Institutions
Insurance Training College of Uganda LimitedOther Tertiary Institutions
Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST)Other Tertiary Institutions
Katigondo SeminaryOther Tertiary Institutions
Law Development Centre (LDC) - Lira CampusOther Tertiary Institutions
Lokopio Hill Vocational Training InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Mamita Technical and Business Management InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC)Other Tertiary Institutions
MAT Abacus Business SchoolOther Tertiary Institutions
Mbale School of Clinical OfficersOther Tertiary Institutions
Nakawa Vocational Training CollegeOther Tertiary Institutions
National Instructors College AbiloninoOther Tertiary Institutions
National Teachers' College - KabaleOther Tertiary Institutions
National Teachers' College - MuniOther Tertiary Institutions
Nile Vocational InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
St. Francis School of Health SciencesOther Tertiary Institutions
St. John the Baptist Ggaba PTCOther Tertiary Institutions
St. Mary’s National Seminary GgabaOther Tertiary Institutions
Tropics College of Business and ManagementOther Tertiary Institutions
Uganda College of Commercial (UCC) KabaleOther Tertiary Institutions
Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management SciencesOther Tertiary Institutions
Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (UIBFS)Other Tertiary Institutions
Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology (UICT)Other Tertiary Institutions
Uganda Management Institute (UMI)Other Tertiary Institutions
YMCA Comprehensive InstituteOther Tertiary Institutions
Cure HospitalHospitals
Doctor’s Case MedicalsHospitals
Ishaka Adventist HospitalHospitals
Kuluva School of Nursing and MidwiferyHospitals
Kyabirwa Surgical HospitalHospitals
Lubaga HospitalHospitals
Mengo Nursing SchoolHospitals
Nsambya Training SchoolHospitals
St. Francis Hospital NsambyaHospitals
Association of Teachers of French in Uganda (APFO)Support Institutions
Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT)Support Institutions
Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA)Support Institutions
International Paramedical Institute (IPI) - MayaSupport Institutions
Ministry of Education and SportsSupport Institutions
Refugee Law ProjectSupport Institutions
The Association of Religious in Uganda (ARU)Support Institutions
Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST)Support Institutions
Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)Support Institutions
Uganda National Metrological Authority (UNMA)Support Institutions
Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO)Support Institutions
St. Johns Comprehensive S.SSchools
Motherwell Junior SchoolSchools
Kawempe Muslim S.S.Schools
Archbishop Kiwanuka S.S. Schools
Kiira College, Butiki. Schools
St. Mbaaga Ggaba SeminarySchools
Research Institution Engineering Development and Innovation Center (EDIC)Schools
Kumi UniversityUniversities
Muzza High SchoolSchools
Sancta Maria Core PTCSchools
Seeta Hill CollegeSchools
Lubaga Hospital KibiriHospitals
Uganda Technical College – ElgonOther Tertiary Institutions
Makerere University, School of Public HealthOther Tertiary Institutions
Centenary Community CollegeOther Tertiary Institutions
Pallisa Secondary SchoolSchools