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Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity is the primary form of intervention to enable easy collaboration among education and research institutions.



eduroam provides simple, easy, secure connectivity from thousands of hotspots across more than 100 countries.


Metro eduroam

Metro eduroam simply means eduroam within the city, outside the campuses of institutions.


eduroam on the Go

eduroam on the Go is a pocket-size routing device specially made to enable researchers and university staff connect to eduroam and the Internet Anytime, Anywhere.


Zero-rated Mobile Access

Students and staff from our member institutions don't need to load data bundles to access their websites, e-learning portals and all sites in the RENU domain.


Moodle LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows institutional administrators to create, organize, and manage various types of learning materials.


Web Conferencing

RENU offers web conferencing as a service to enable education and research institutions to hold meetings, conferences, seminars and virtual classes wherever.


RENU Cloud

RENU Cloud is good for member institutions that wish to have offsite disaster recovery solutions without incurring the heavy costs of building offsite data centres and buying server hardware.



Institutions are able to rent space in any of RENU’s data centers for their servers and other computing hardware. This facility could be used for safe storage, offsite backup, etc.


Domain Registration

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a unique Internet address for a website. This address, known as a domain name, serves as the online identity for a particular entity, or institution.


Domain Name Hosting

This is a free DNS hosting service that hosts registered institutional domains (like that can be used to create websites and email addresses, from the safety, reliability and speed of the RENU network.


Email Hosting

The RENU Mail Hosting service supports mainly institutions that lack dedicated or experienced IT teams.


Web Hosting

RENU offers web hosting services to institutions and individuals carrying out research and offering education services.


Web Development

Web development refers to building and managing websites using web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.) and content management systems (CMS).

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LoRaWAN connectivity is a wireless communication technology that allows LoRa- capable devices to communicate over large distances with minimal battery and bandwidth usage.



eduVPN sets up an encrypted path between one's device and their organisation's network, enabling secure connectivity over unsecure networks.


SSL Certificates

SSL certificates provide secure connection (HTTPS) to institutions' websites limiting cyber-attacks.



We handle cybersecurity incidents of the institutions connected to the RENU network.


Anti-plagiarism Software

Turnitin is a worldwide pioneer in evaluating work from researchers and learners, and hence very good for institutions to maintain academic integrity.


RENU Identity Federation (RIF)

RIF provides a simple avenue for users from research and education institutions to securely and reliably access and share resources locally and globally.


Capacity Building

Our program is designed to equip the network and systems engineers of member institutions with the skills and confidence to set up, manage and maintain clean, robust, and efficient networks.


Network Monitoring

RENU offers all connected member institutions 24-hour network monitoring with real-time downtime notifications and updates. Connected member institutions have access to their real-time traffic utilization graphs. Monthly downtime/incident reports are also shared within the first week of every new month. Connected member institutions can view their traffic utilization graphs using their respective credentials.


Open Source Mirror

Institutions connected to the RENU network can access various applications, operating system updates, and patches within Uganda. This helps member institutions to save on their already limited but "over-utilized" international bandwidth.