Strategic Plan 2024 - 2028

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The strategic plan for the Research and Education Network of Uganda (RENU) spanning the period 2024-2028 is crafted to navigate the dynamic landscape of technology, education, and research. RENU aims to strengthen its position as a pivotal player in advancing Uganda’s knowledge economy through research and innovative educational initiatives, and its robust networking infrastructure.

This strategic plan was developed based on research, benchmarking and participatory and consultative engagements with member institutions like Universities, Government bodies like UCC and the Ministry of Education and Sports, RENU Board members, Senior Management Team and Staff Members. It was also developed in alignment with the NDP III objective to promote ICT innovation, to enhance ICT skills and vocational development, to promote a development-oriented mind-set and to increase government participation in strategic sectors. Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap is anchored in the Uganda Vision 2040.

During the 2019-2023 Planning Cycle, RENU was able to achieve and exceed 8 of 12 Key performance indicator targets, as detailed in section 2.2, that covered key result areas such as, infrastructure and services scalability, capacity building (end-user impact focus), end-user engagement, local and global collaboration and partnerships, and awareness and branding. The achievements made by RENU in this period set the Secretariat and network on a good trajectory towards attaining its Vision and Goal in the new strategic period and beyond. 

In the 2024-2028 strategic period, RENU will focus on Strategic Objectives namely: fostering the improvement of the quality of education and research; expanding its service offering and the extension of the coverage of existing ones; improving internal and external business processes; improving the efficiency and effectiveness of personnel, organizational culture, and technology; securing and optimizing resources for growth and sustainability; and strengthening new and existing partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders to enable it attain its Vision: A vibrant knowledge creation and solutions development community, and Goal: To improve the quality of research and education.

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