RENU Partners with Mesh++ to
Manufacture Solar-Powered Internet
Routers in Uganda
Kampala ā€“ 31
July, 2023
Enabling Research & Education Collaboration
ENU has partnered with Mesh ++, a connectivity solutions manufacturer
based in Chicago, USA, to manufacture solar-powered Internet routers
in Uganda, which combine renewable energy from the sun with advanced con-
nectivity technology to deliver an Internet access solution like no other. These
will be the first Internet routers to be manufactured in Uganda, and they will be
accessible to all Ugandans that wish to have stable and affordable Internet
access in their businesses and homes, without having to worry about cabling,
unstable electricity, and the monthly power bills. Routers are pieces of equip-
ment that when interconnected, provide the highway and backbone through
which Internet communication is made possible.
Access to the Internet is becoming more important everyday as the world
increasingly relies on it for communication, education, business, and beyond,
and yet the infrastructure to access the Internet is still insufficient in most of
the developing countries. In addition, the connectivity infrastructure in place
currently relies on the national electricity power grids to deliver access to the
Internet yet problems of poor electricity supply persist in developing countries,
Our deployments are quite a few in Africa and
specifically in Uganda, which is why we are so
excited to announce engagement in a partner-
ship with RENU to manufacture these nodes right
here in Uganda, in fact, the first wireless routers
to ever be manufactured in Uganda. We are so
thrilled and so thankful to the RENU team, and so
excited to start this ventureā€. Danny Gardner, Di-
rector, Mesh ++.
with most households and communities not connected to a reliable supply of
electricity, or in the worst cases not connected to the national grids.