eduroam on the Go

Anytime, Anywhere!

As we celebrated the second birthday of Metro eduroam last week, another baby was in the offing. Thanks to mother eduroam, we now take the pleasure to introduce to you the new born baby, eduroam on the Go, a new product from RENU.

eduroam on the Go is a product of an evolution from the on-campus eduroam, a free global Wi-Fi roaming service for the Research and Education (R&E) community which allows logins using a distributed database. The logins are based on the usernames and passwords from a user's home institution database. Having been first deployed on institutional campuses since 2015 when it was first launched in Uganda, eduroam evolved into Metro eduroam that was launched in September 2020 in form of multiple eduroam hotspots deployed in various locations within the towns and cities across Uganda.

While Metro eduroam came as a great free, secure and trusted off-campus connection to help students and staff of RENU member institutions work and study remotely, our researchers and staff were still experiencing connection challenges whenever they were working in various places that were out of the coverage of the Metro eduroam hotspots. The limitation of coverage is what eduroam on the Go seeks to address.

What is eduroam on the Go?

eduroam on the Go is a pocket-size routing device specially made to enable researchers and university staff connect to eduroam and the Internet Anytime, Anywhere. This means that for the first time, eduroam users do not have to access the free WiFi from only a few fixed locations.

eduroam on the Go

What are the benefits of using eduroam on the Go?

Who are the eligible users?

The service is available to only the staff members of RENU member institutions.

In a nutshell, with eduroam on the Go, secure and trusted Internet connectivity moves with you wherever you go – Anytime, Anywhere.