Tertiary Institutions

Institutions of higher learning that typically offer academic and professional programs, plus vocation-oriented programs, constitute the tertiary member institutions of RENU.

Membership in RENU as a tertiary institution is by application and is subject to official recognition and accreditation of the institution by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education as legally operating in higher learning, or by the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology as a legal research laboratory.

  1. Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC)
  2. MultiTech Business School
  3. National Teachers College - Muni
  4. School of Nursing and midwifery - Mengo Hospital
  5. St. John the Baptist Ggaba PTC
  6. Uganda Institute of Bankers (UIB)
  7. Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology (UICT)
  8. Uganda Management Institute (UMI)
  9. YMCA Comprehensive Institute