Capacity Building

RENU has a capacity building program that is designed to equip the network and systems engineers of member institutions with the skills and confidence to set up, manage and maintain clean, robust, and efficient networks.

Major 2021 Workshops

Activity: perfSONAR

Period: 9th

Host: Online


Activity: Introduction to Network Operations

Period: 9th February to 26th March

Host: Online


Activity: DEA I

Period: 19th to 23th

Host: African Rural University Kagadi

Team: RENU

Activity: NOC - workshop 1

Period: 10th to 14th

Host: Online


Activity: Federation and Identity Management (FIM)

Period: 21th to 25th

Host: Residential

Team: RENU

Activity: DEA II

Period: 26th to 30th

Host: Ndejje University

Team: RENU

Activity: NOC - workshop 2

Period: 30th August to 3rd September

Host: Ndejje University Main Campus

Team: RENU

Activity: DEA III

Period: 25th to 29th

Host: Kabale University

Team: RENU

Online Workshops

Since 2015 RENU has been running 2 online workshops under the themes:
  1. Introduction to Network Operations
  2. Advanced Network Services

Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA)

In addition to the workshops, selected member institutions connected to the RENU network have benefited from DEA activities. A typical DEA starts with a thorough review of an institution's network by a team from the RENU core engineering unit and the network and system engineering team of the instituition. After the review, appropriate changes are discussed by the two teams to come up with a new design for the institution's network. The new network design is then implemented by the institution's network and systems engineers, under the guidance and supervision of the RENU core engineering team.

Capacity Building Partners

The RENU capacity building activities are carried out in partnership with;
  1. Network Startup and Resource Center (NSRC)
  2. Internet Society (ISOC)
  3. UbuntuNet Alliance (UA)